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I don’t know what to do! There are some many domain registrars out there how do I know who to buy my domains from. I mean, which one will give me the best value for money? Which one will be the best for me? Well… Luckily enough you have me to help you out. I like to use a company called Namecheap for all my domain needs and I’ll tell you why.

They’re easy to deal with and they don’t try to upsell anything to you!

Namecheap Are Leaders In Their Industry

Namecheap are leaders

The thing I love most about Namecheap is that they aren’t pushy. If you want to buy a domain from them, they’ll help you. If you want to have your hosting with Namecheap too, then you can and they’ll help set it up for you. But they never try and sell it to you… Which is what we call an “upsell.”

There are pros and cons with all things and what sort of Dude review would this be if I didn’t point them out to you!?

So here we go…


  • Cheap domains
  • Easy domain transfers with zero fees
  • All domains come with one years free privacy protection (excellent if you want to keep your details private)
  • Customer support with 24/7 access and a good live chat
  • Backend is easy to navigate
  • Can add funds to your account. Great for auto renewals… Through money in there and you won’t have to worry about domains expiring on you
  • Over 45 different TLD’s to choose from too! (these are your .com’s’s .org’s .net’s and so on…)


  • Not the cheapest domains, but close enough
  • I’ve seen better live chat systems with other registrars (like GoDaddy)

Breaking It Down Like A Kid With Pants Around His Butt…

Explaining Namecheap

So the main reason why I love Namecheap, as I’ve already mentioned, is that they don’t try to upsell anything to you. Once you’ve bought your domain they leave you alone. They’ll send you emails to keep you up to date with information regarding domains you’ve purchased, things like updating contact details, letting you know if it’s going to expire and things like that, but never to try and sell you something else.

This is just awesome and I love it. It puts a smile I my face just thinking about it.

The company has been around since 2001 and with over 104k reviews form their customers, they score an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

No, the cons I’ve mentioned… I wouldn’t really call them cons but I really couldn’t think of anything bad to say about the company! Yes, they aren’t the cheapest but are you going to argue over $1 per year? I’m certainly not for all the pros for being with them.

The live chat is pretty sweet, just might have to wait an extra minute or two to speak with someone compared to GoDaddy. Again, something I’m not going to complain about for all the pros.

I Like Things Simple!

Keep it simple

There isn’t really much else to say.

Namecheap have all the same features as every other domain registrar but I love to use them for their simplicity. The backend is easy to manage… You go here to sort this out, add funds to your account and you don’t have to worry about renewals and easily see if you have any messages and notifications regarding your domains.

We have been with Namecheap since early 2013 after switching from GoDaddy.

The Final Verdict Is…

Dude’s Final Opinion: Namecheap should be the people you choose to go with too!

That’s all I’m going to say. If you want purchase your own domain, then do so with Namecheap!

Until next time dudes and dudettes!

Have you purchased a domain with Namecheap? Have you found your experience has been a good one too? Do you love them as much as we do? Maybe you don’t agree with us… I’d love to hear from you all. Leave your comments below and express yourself! Don’t forget to hit those pretty coloured buttons right underneath here too!


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