9 Things To Consider When Buying Ready-Made Niche Sites

This is a guest post by my buddy Dominic Wells over at HumanProofDesigns.com. He specializes in creating niche websites for people around any topic you like and also provides some awesome training on how to make your site profitable… Enjoy dudes and dudettes!

Having a ready made site, particularly a niche site, definitely has its advantages over going it alone and doing it yourself. If you’re a beginner in the online business world, there are already several dozen things you need to learn, and some months before you’ll see positive results, so being able to eliminate the whole website making process gives you a massive increase to the likelihood that you’ll reach success.

I’ve seen all too many people quit and fail after getting frustrated with the finer points of their websites. I even remember the first website I built, getting incredibly frustrated because I couldn’t set up something as simple as a Youtube video gallery. I eventually figured it out after wasting about 2 days, and I realized that learning how to build a website was going to take some time.

One thing I know is that if I had been able to have my site custom built by somebody else, or if I had been able to pick my site out from a list of pre-made sites, I would have started earning money 3 to 4 months earlier than I actually did. For 99% of beginners, those 4 months can make the difference between success and failure.

There are a lot of different things to consider when it comes to buying a site though, so don’t just assume that it’s the right thing to do and go off and buy the first one you find (that’s how a lot of people end up wasting money).

Instead, have a read through my list of things to consider, and ask questions below if necessary, then you’ll be ready to make an informed decision.

1.) How Much Time Do You Have?

If you’re someone with a LOT of free time, you might think it’s better to get started by yourself and learn the ins and outs of web building as you go. This will cost a lot less (pretty much free), but will take a lot longer (maybe even a year to truly ‘master’ it).

Having a lot of free time still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s best to go the free, DIY route but it does give you that option. If on the other hand you are truly busy, outsourcing the design of your website might be your best move.

Many people who have a busy lifestyle, such as a demanding job, can definitely consider this option. The sooner they get a website up and running, the sooner they can go about quitting their job.

2.) Do You Have A Budget?

Ready made websites cost money. While some people charge thousands of dollars for their services, others will provide good value for a lot cheaper. It all comes down to the individual company and what they see the most value in.

One thing I’d like to say is that you shouldn’t just assume the cheapest is the worst, or that the most expensive will provide the best quality. Do some research and shop around. There are plenty of good niche website builders out there that offer value and affordable options.

3.) How Much Experience Do You Have?

The level of experience you have will dictate whether or not you’re likely to need a site made for you.  It will also suggest which company or individual you go with (more on this later), as not all outsourcing options will be suitable for beginners, and equally, the more experienced marketers will be able to go for something more hands on.

4.) How Much CONFIDENCE Do You Have?

This one is huge. Confidence is the number one key to success online. Unless you absolutely know 100% that you are going to succeed, there are going to be a trillion questions and doubts flying around your mind.

Getting that expert head-start at the beginning is going to give you a lot of confidence, but it also might make you worry that you’re wasting your money. Definitely make sure that you view testimonials and see what kind of training comes with the site you’re buying.

5.) What’s Your Niche About?

This is less of a factor, but still worth considering. Some niches (site topics), are going to require a slightly more “professional” build if they plan on being competitive with other sites in the niche. While it’s perfectly fine to get started and “test the water” with a simple, free site, you’ll want something that looks a lot more impressive in certain niches.

Do your research before thinking about what kind of site design you need.

Buying Related Tips

6.)  Who Is The Seller?

As I touched upon earlier, the person/company that you’re buying from makes a big difference. There are plenty of huge, reputable companies like Wix, Weebly, and others that will create a custom site for you.

I don’t recommend them.

The larger the company, the more automated their process is going to be, and the less hands-on support you’ll get. I have no doubt that they’ll produce a good site for you, but whether or not you succeed with it is a different story. Try to find somebody who provides all the training and hand-holding that you’ll need.

7.) How Much Do They Charge?

It’s time to talk money. As I mentioned earlier, you can find people charging $50 (too cheap), or you can find people charging $1000 (too expensive). I’d aim for somewhere in the middle, around $200-300 if possible.

Stay away from big auction sites like Flippa or Warrior Forum, where people are mostly selling re-cycled automated sites that are low quality and designed to make money for their makers only.

8.) What Are They Offering?

In case it isn’t clear yet, you MUST go with someone who includes training and support with their websites. A small company can be the best option here.

The links above will help you find the level of support I’m talking about.

9.) What Does Your Gut Say?

Don’t listen to your head which can get tricked or your heart which desperately wants you to succeed, instead, go with your gut. Does this feel too good to be true? Do the website companies promise you success? If your gut says “Hmm” or “No”, then don’t go ahead until you’ve done more research.


Dom Wells is the owner and founder of HumanProofDesigns.com – a company that specializes in this very topic, ready made niche websites. He’s a big fan of over-delivering value, at affordable prices, and would love to wipe out the junk and scam website sellers for good.


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